Benefits of Therapy
I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with experience providing a wide range of treatments for adults, as well as adolescents. I earned an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, where I also completed a school-based family counseling internship at a private high school.
Counseling Psychology, adult Counseling Psychology, adolescents Counseling Psychology, marriage therapist, family therapist
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Benefits of Therapy

The fundamental process for change comes via the nurturing relationship established between therapist and client. Therapy can improve a person’s overall well-being, help them to face and change their thought and behavioral patterns, and reduce stress. Ideally, through therapy people will develop more effective skills and habits so they will better manage the challenges of life.

Therapeutic benefits can range from healing psychological wounds, developing a supportive relationship with oneself, replacing self-destructive behaviors with more adaptive approaches, enhancing personal meaning and quality of life, improving relationships with family and friends, successfully navigating major life transitions, increasing performance and productivity, and coping with issues of illness or loss.